1. Get a lair.

2. Throw away your calendars, clocks, cell phones, time sheets, and bus schedules.

3. Talk to strangers.

4. Drift. Wander. Get lost. Come home after dark.

5. Let your guard down.

6. Be playful and have fun. Laugh often.

7. Collect wrong answers.

8. Sing.

9. Don’t take score.

10. Be generous in the sharing of your art, music, and writing. Assume people will know how to receive what you share and treasure it.

11. Collaborate with others to get tension, woe, friction, delight, enchantment, exhilaration, and outrageous creative possibilities.

12. Make your own toys. Paddle your own canoe.

13. Allow people and experiences to move you.

14. Lack judgment.

15. Don’t jump through anyone else’s hoops. Don’t jump through hoops period.

16. Surround yourself with smart, creative people who love you and who have the magnanimity to encourage you, appreciate you, and laugh with you. Once you’ve felt what this is like you will never spend another moment by people who are not like this.

17. Hold someone’s hand every day.

18. Begin a huge foolish project, like Noah.

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